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Reasserts itself
Obstacles enhanced by way of imptence
Shed thine
The subtle complex
My most suppressed dread defects
Compelled to taste side effects
Genuine Enigma
Fascinated by dogma
Groomed yet patronized
Constant bloodlines
Obstacles of man thrive
Images disturbed
Full decline
Assume the aggravation
Contemplate the depth of mind
Vulnerable to confusion
The cold blood phase
Hollow and exhausted
Downfall of mankind stings
False assurance
Crumble stumbling
We shall isolate
Appalled featureless invalid
Grimacing caricature shall pull its weight
The company of hyenas identify
The furious breath of thieves provide
Humble impressions of genius
Brethren of esteem crush the obsequious
Ingrate promiscuous
Indulge in the forbidden pleasures
Of herbal bliss
Full of promises
Interplay of Angles stressed
Most divine of the dementia
Remains rigorous
Spheres of catastrophe
Descends exceedingly
Oh translucently
Portrait of a fool in misery
Observe the masses and do the opposite
The rituals of the sedative
Lost all the will to achieve
Notorious empire of demented eeds
Graphic depictions
Adversaries of the wolves
The anticipation
Shedding the sheep of its wool
Stone the hearts, flagrant callusing
Ebullience absorbs

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