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L?arcobaleno ?na lama nera
ed una carovana barcolla nei sogni di un viandante.

Behind this gate-cage crawl the faceless voyants
with dreams like a keyhole.

They know that the avenue of death is scattered with spots,
and their aimless caravan slowly drown in this seadesert.

This is Unsunland, where the Sleep is stonevagrant
where the Absence is a selfcurtain
where the Unmoon is a grey piece of china.

Iride bianca - vetro nero
Light has no horizon - black.,
Hong delight carrion of a kiss,
Pece - nera la neve Latte catrame.

The white iridescent eye is full of worms and luminescent promises
it has the conscience that this sky is the ground of the dead.
Wall horizon.

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