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Chorus, Verse, Verse, Hook
Body, Judge, Cover, Book
Can't, Hook, Little, Struggle
Judge, Brotha, Judge, Brotha
[Verse 1]
I know I don't slow it down a lot no more
And ya I know you gonna hate me when you hear this song
Don't be embarrassed baby girl
You got something that should be cherished
I just pulled up to the Hilton
Come and spend a night in Paris ugh
You got me stuck on you like
Come and kick it with the crew
The door and mind is open when you step up in the room
I wanna track meet her but she's giving me the run around
She on some I am legend shit, she the only one around
She got a smile like Mona Lisa Lisa won't you come and meet me please so we can get a piece a pizza
Body of an athlete, she movin' like a rap beat
I'm feelin' in sync wit her and I ain't talkin' backstreet
Super focused got my eyes straight
Stuck to her
She looked super embarrassed when I tried to say Whassup to her
Superman I ain't but I can be the realist
She appeal to me and all these others hide behind concealer
She wanna keep me for herself I say that's dope with me
We on a rush a dopamine reading eachothers poetry
And so it seems we getting high by where the ocean be
There's millions in my life but tonight it's just you and me
I said tonight it's just you and me
I ain't a cop but put ya hands right where I can see
I got a secret Yo I'm here with u in spirit
I'mma sing some random hook girl ain't nobody gonna hear this
I'mma treat the chorus like the verse and the verse like the hook
Cuz everybody know to judge the cover by the book
I can't write a hook without a little bita struggle
Don't judge me my brotha [2x]
Chorus, Verse, Verse, Hook
Body, Judge, Cover, Book
Can't, Hook, Little, Struggle
Judge, Brotha, Judge, Brotha
[Verse 2]
I used to sleep on your couch and you used to make my coffee
With all that caffeine, I must've broke her heart B
With all of that said we used to be rhythm and was texting
She was mad cuz I didn't have protection
So I never got to hit it cause I moved to California
I love the way you look I'm interested in seeing more of ya
She from the town over so she far enough removed from me
Theres miles in between us but tonight it's just you and me
I said tonight it's just you and me
Appreciate all of the things you used to do for me
I know you think I'm just as selfish as I used to be
I look up in the mirror all I'm seeing is the fool in me
(Oh, don't judge me no more)
This shits for you, Jackie
Lamp city records, yo

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