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All the fools who await your return
May we tell them the truth
There's no way you can turn back the clock
Never cling to your youth

How unfortunate it must have been
Life is only a race
You're so old that it might take a crane
Just to lift back your face

Scientific so scientific
Scientific so scientific
But you were walking on glass

How unstable we bolt with the horse
Setting music to muscle
All the fallers who litter the course
As we run to the castle

Scientific so scientific
Scientific so scientific
But you were walking on glass

Careful - you're walking on glass
you're walking on glass

When you say that the sun does not move
Did it show you the answer
When the ships do not fall off the world
Does it mean there's a wall there

You say the sun does not move
Careful - you could be walking on glass
He could see that the earth was a mover
And the sun was a mother

But he was walking on glass

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