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[Verse 1]
I try to always buy final call from the F.O.I
Even though that's not what Islam always signify
Y'all gotta love the struggle in 'em
They would get on their knees and shine shoes
'fore they ever let the drugs afflict 'em
Makin taco's and fuckin with McDonald's
Nickel and dime broke, but dignified with high hopes
Some people shoulder the weight of the needy, make it look easy
Even though they walkin the tight ropes
Immigrants, twelve deep in one bedroom
I'm too cool, I look at 'em like fools
Those fools combine forces and put the resources
And guess who the new owner of the corner store is
Shit, what's stoppin me from doin that?
I probably could with drug smugglers approve of that
Because if one dime sack in the time can climax
Into a billion dollar industry, then look at my abilities
But I'm a dreamer in alotta ways
I feel if you believe in God that you believe in brighter days
Keep my son's heartbeat in my sleep
I'ma walk the Planet Earth with his name carved deep in my feet like

[Chorus x2]
Children growin, women producin
Men go workin, but what's the use
When the real strive hard and stress about the rent
And can still die poor and in debt without a cent

[Verse 2]
Born again christian creatures from the suburbs
Tryin to save souls on Broadway, they got some nerve
Comin here unaware that the one's with no material gifts
Sometimes most spiritually rich
Lazyness got me spare the stand back and what was that
That can't hold me back, my man Vast told me that
"Harlem got all that on a bigger scale"
When there's bullets in the sandboxes it's every bit as real

I see children growin up within a wicked system
Smilin I wanna kiss 'em, I see prophet Muhammad in 'em
Poverty's trickin people from my generation
And hands down to world's most creative
I've seen both sides of the fence
Picket a chain link and we ain't all thinkin the same thing but
They teens got so impressed by me
They try to walk, talk, interact and dress like me
We captivated the world's imagination
I used to idolize athletes and entertainers
Cause they never let the situation capture 'em
System gave 'em lemons, made lemonade and sold it back to 'em

[Chrous x2]
Children growin, women producin
Men go workin, but what's the use
When the real strive hard and stress about the rent
And can still die poor and in debt without a cent

[Verse 3]
Marvin Gaye said it best "This ain't livin"
No matter your religion the earth keep spinnin
And the sun keep shinin, babies keep cryin
Old folks dyin in beats within you put ya time in
And here I am, still lower class America
Same room, same view, different cast of characters
Regina got arrested as a late prowler
Couldn't trick, got evicted, lost her section aid voucher
Onward goes my neighbourhood's revolving door
A gang of rental properties nobody owns at all
I guess that's why we call it a hood
Nobody stays as long as it takes to become neighbours

[Chorus x2]
Children growin, women producin
Men go workin, but what's the use
When the real strive hard and stress about the rent
And can still die poor and in debt without a cent

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