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There's a fork in the road, there's a spoon in the sky
There's a plumb at your door, someone's thumbing for a pie
Come and take a ride with me
The moon is high -- so am I
Come on take a ride and see what lies beyond your kitchen window
We are not alone in the galaxy

All the countries, full of crazies
And they're pulling down the sun,
But my pocket's full of posies everyone, everyone
Come and take a ride with me and we can have fun-flying-times
Come on take a ride and we can mingle with these nursery rhymes
We are not alone in the galaxy

I can see that savagery is locked in all this gravity
Why be bound to earthly things when I can skate on Saturn's rings
Jupiter is waving as I stand top a Venutian dune
And sing a sound to ring around this planetary tune

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ...

In the din of my room there's a tiny, little tune
And he's looking at the sky for an answer from the spoon

We are not alone in the galaxy

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