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Welcome on earth, everyone
Not just a sphere, but a vibrant organism...
And like a lovely mother for her young child
She's offering a higher learning
Nicely revealed by the beauty of her allies

On this life-ball grows procreation
A mighty race facing a billion paths
But, in a sickening act, she choose treason

Within this perfect being
Ring so much echoes of hate
Those discordant feelings bang inside the vault
And the stars are crying...
They share the blame of our own failure
And the stars are bleeding...
Wounded by the humanity's rupture

In heights stands the silver fortress
Where golden secrets are sent in silence
Through consciousness they tell a truth
"No one can escape from the result of their choices"
Justice of foreign forces, humans are a perfect imperfection

Within a perfect being,
In the name of Gods,
Conflicts are gathering
And races crack is ever-growing
While Nature is speaking only the deaf is listening
With an open eye, see, Mother dying
Reflecting the spectre of a spiritual disaster

Even under the reign of a cruel queen
And the yoke of many borders
It is allowed to dream of another reality...
-Solidification through unification-

Poor trivialities we shall abandon
Material needs now hide the essential seeds

By handing to our fellow men the sceptre of love and honesty
Wonders of life will show the way onwards a unified humanity

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