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I got a message from you
you sent it over to me
I played it back on my phone
It had me feeling confused
‘cause I was hanging with you
and I was feeling at home
The words were sharp
and aimed to cut down
what I’ve grown
But I expect it from you
I’ve seen the things that you do
and how you end up alone

But how would you know?

When we were playing in bars
you had me feeling like
it was all a favor to me
It had me borrowing cars
and asking people for rides
and could they do it for free
Back then I thought
those days would never last that long
After a couple of years
I came to grips with my fears
and realized I was wrong

But how would you know?

A grudge is not a grudge
when it’s a promise to myself
I hope you recognize before
there’s someone else
who might not ever let you know

When people come up to me
and want to talk about you
they say forgive and forget
It’s just so easy to say
and all the same walk away
without a trace of regret
But they don’t know
about the messages you left
I think if everyone knew
about the things that you do
they’d lose a lot of respect

But how would you know?

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