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Miasma demons - lusting for flesh
Grand violation - of holiness
Angels gang raped - off their purity
Piercing screams - in defield misery

Dominion of sodomy
Vortex of salarity
Hellfucked by the damned

Blutgeoned bodies - strangled and fucked
Brute impalement - by rotten cocks
Castigated - sadism unbound
Godforsaken - drowning in cum

Dominion of ecstasy
Vortex of salacity
Throatfucked by the damned

Bloodsoacked eyes - shattered limbs
Genitortured - scalped and maimed
Necrobloodfuck - torn out cunts
Revel in death - their flesh is no longer enough

Dominion of perversity
Vortex of salacity
Hellfucked by the damned

Diaboli virtus in lumbar est
Diaboli virtus in lumbar est

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