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I thought I knew, I thought I
Could define what love was
But I'd misunderstood
You've taught this teacher,
The table's turned
The brutal lesson I had to learn

Goodbye my love, take flight on
The wings of the dove
Don't cry, kiss me goodbye, I'll see
You on the other side

The truest person I've ever known
We touched and then he
Called her home
Her life was Christ, and her death
Is gain, cause now she sees clearly
Through the darkened pane

Love, the pain I feel is what makes
Real the time we've shared.
The letting go, it hurts but I know
I'll see you when I get there

Like autumns symbols of painted
Leaves, death has a beauty
For those who believe
This frightened old man this little
Boy, look forward to new
Days of joy

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