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[Music: D.Bugeja T.Fenech]
[Words: T.Fenech]

"I close my eyes ... the state of metempsychosis? or transcendental dream."
The realm of sins, metaphysical interlude.
Interdiction of realities, iridescence captivates, visual stimulation
Flight, over the seas of thought, forging grotesque imagery, foretaste
nudity so lewd
Sanguine knowledge of beyond the radiant pool of thought

[Solo: David]

Deeper travel, prelude to incrassate pool
Contact with beings, who are inarticulate, and bear no sight
Demonic chants, ringing in my ears, luring me to the misty cool
Incubus ejaculate thoughts into mine
(Halitosis lured me out of light)

[Solo: David]

Vae Victus,
Vae Victus,
Vae Victus
Dissolution of the black dove, panic consciousness
Mandatory knowledge of the mental undead
Malformed dream, malignant plaintiveness
Perpetual lunatic fringe, inquisition of the incubus draws me in
Vile derision, pixilated metamorphosis, voracious agnius dei
Mysterious master, origin unknown, rapacious rapine
Must rescind, however spellbound, dei gratia
Behold! Realms of dream, I learn metaphysical interlude
Prenatural microbe devours networks of the brain
Lactation from my nipples, effeminate eurythmy, am I insane?
Denizen of the mind, complexity of death, foretaste nudity so lewd

[Solos: David, Omar]

"O ye sons and daughters of mildewed minds close my eyes death in my sleep"

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