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[Music: D.Bugeja D.Cachia]
[Words: D.Bugeja]

Dwelling in a cold world of emptiness
Cursed to live in everlasting bitterness
Predestined existence that fails to maintain
Its radiance lost through ageing years of pain
Raging hatred flourishing disgrace
Odious retribution bestowed upon this race
Seerful images describe a dying earth
Unbegun lifes damned since their birth
An amorphous creature gnawing at a declining sanity
Forcing our minds into a revolting abnormality
Ambiguously enshrouded in transcendental iniquity
Devouring scarred lifes emerging from a sick reality
A god forsaken existence debauched in grim corruption
Eating its way towards a compelling dissolution
Dipping our fingers in a scar that shall never heal
Watching it widen as the worms within it reveals
All that's left is a life drained of its significance
Paralysed with hatred and undisputed ignorance
A hopeless race indulging in sick abhorrence
Drowning in seas of eternal sufferance

[Solo : David]

As time eats at our last breaths within this dying world
We struggle on this plaintive journey till we meet our death
And with us all achievements shall be laid to rest
To eternally rot, with nothing we shall leave this insane earth

[Repeat verses 3 & 4]
[Repeat last 2 verses]

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