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I met a hippy chick, I snuck her into bed
Didn’t think you’d ever know, didn’t think you were coming home
Last night the devil dressed up as a doll
You woke me with a kick,
Followed up by repeated hits
I think I have a broken rib,
I taste blood upon my lips
Last night the devil dressed up as a doll
Please put that gun away,
I don’t even know her name
She ain’t worth dying for,
It’s only you i adore
Last night the devil dressed up as a doll
The hippy chick was quick,
Rolled out of bed lickety-split
Went through the door without being shot
Runnin’ naked in her Birkenstocks
Last night the devil dressed up as a doll
What if I screamed from my knees
Please don’t put those bullets in me
What if we love instead
Do you believe anything I’ve said
Last night the devil dressed up as a doll

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