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This is called sex education ghetto style
I was doing it when I was a colored boy of 8 or 9 or 10
I have never heard of Sigmund Freud but hell, I was doing it then
I was doing it in my teenage years when I was running the ghetto street
Now, I had never seen me no ig flight test, but it still felt good to me
I was doing it when I arrived in college, searching for my degree
But Lord knows a degree wasn’t all I got
And that’s the way it supposed to be
Tryna get hoes like my nigga Bangladesh
Real shit, I’m grindin though
I got a few hoes, you know
Like my sosa niggas sure you know, something like
My girl pussy get get juiced
Get wet, fuck a nigga, she bad like Boosy
Swag like Boosy college
Watch her in the day but at night she a pussy poppin
Clap clap, watch her drop it, drop it
Suck is all good, you had to tell er stop it
She a say no nigga, I’m not stopping
And back to slobbin, slobbin, hold up
Hold up
It’s pretty good man
When I’m in the store man I got another ho who go yam
She fuck all day if you let er
I went over to the house the other day and she hit me with the come in, it’s open
So like I said, err okay
Came in the house, that bitch was naked
Lord, Jesus, come save me
Pussy fat wow baby
Whippin that ass I’m in there slavery
She know how I like it tight
Keep that pussy well shaved and nice
Fuck at me, it feels so wrong
But I do it just so right
I’m gonna do it man, I’m gonna do
But last but not least, it’s the groupie ho
Who I hit one time
Like come on, I tell you from the get go
What the deal was and she messed her number
She was like I wanna hit, she want me to hit er
No shirt, no draws, just gold teeth
Quick a mouth shorty with the hoes G
Fuckin me like they owe me
I don’t want yo ho, just a oh freeze
That pussy so good, nigga oh
Way she do it
Things that she don’t do for you
Fuck nigga yea, she told me
Don’t be mad at me, I’m just being me
Good pussy is always a woman
Your girl - good pussy, you should be proud
Trinidad, bad bitch, hah yea
My turn nigga, pass that shit mane
My girl pussy, my girl pussy Like the fuck on a plane, that’s a fly ass pussy
I never fuck a bitch with some dry ass pussy
I turn into a muscle when she pop that pussy
Cat, dog, barking up the wrong tree
Told her go long then I hit her with the long D
Dinner in Atlanta, breakfast on Palm Beach
Pussy so good, had to put her in the song, see?
Yea man, I’m tryna get some gold like my nigga Trinidad
It’s like a conversation piece for them hoes
It make everything else easy
As if I really need it easy
Knock out the pussy, knock out the pussy
I don’t hop shit a nigga, hopscotch on a pussy
Pistol packin nigga, poppin shots on a pussy
She a gold digger, knock the Fort Knox off the pussy
Bitches going dumb, pussy going numb
You know I wore ham like I’m Miss Piggy’s son
Daughters, run, bang on the loose Right track, wrong train, I’mma bang your caboose, bitch
I had this one girl man
I thought she was asleep
But she had one eye open
When I was moving I was finna go
She said where you goin?
You better bring that dick back
I said it’s mine
Put your pussy on a pedestal
You does it like a vegetable
Your pussy lookin edible but I don’t wanna eat it
I want her to eat it
When I beat it I repeat it
I want her to eat it til she paraplegic
They salute dick like pledge of allegiance
Got a different bitch for every season
Like my pussy well done, barely seasoned

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