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Well, well, well, well well, well, well

I said I'm rich in love (rich in love) (3x)
Rich in love

I said I'm rich in love
Financially I'm a pauper
I'm not the man for you if it's money you're after (2x)

This is not a bank
This is not a brinks
The best that I can buy for you is something cool to drink
You say you want gold chains and Gucci links
Expensive fur coats, Versace and minks
This is not Chase Manhattan or HSBC
Citibank or CIBC
You say what can I do for you but what can you do for me
You want me pay for your things but you want mine free


Don't want an empty pocket man
He's got to have money
No pauper, no beggar can get none of my honey
If you're bank book's low
You're not my kind of man
Well I like to shop, will you build a mall for me
I like to fly will you buy a jet for me
If you do all of that
Then you're my kind of man


Well I'm not saying I wouldn't give it if I had it

But right now it's pure echo in your pockets

Girl if it's money you are after please stop it

You see I'm out of your league so just drop it.

I know my loving can't bring you riches on the stock market

You're loving can't even fill up my grocery basket
And I'm sure that your loving can't pay my rent

But my loving is free girl it don't cost a cent
So take it.


(Ring ring) Bill Gates just phoned me
He wants me for his queen
He's built a throne for me
An old rich guy
That's my kind of man

Girl look
Love me for me and not my bank book
I'm searching for love not for a crook
You will get the point if you listen to the hook
To the hook


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