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I'm usually known for makin the gurls shake
Fine stuff, you know a real heartbreak
Mature fifteen with figures seven and eight
Gurls wishin I was their man to floss me on dates
Let B2K in the game, ya'll made a mistake
Its a lockout, all you other groups must wait
Take it how I give it, give it how I take it
Me above you and don't you eva mistake it

[Verse 1:]
There she was, walkin by lookin
So fine, she had me trippin
She lookin at me as to say "What the deal?"
Come and holla at me
A fine thing
Thats what she was, she passed my test
Not just the looks
She was the kinda gurl that I really really want to be down on my team

There's this gurl around my way
Dream about her everyday
Wish that she could be with me
She's my chocolate fantasy
She's the hottest thing in school
So I gotta play it cool
Wish that she could be with me
She's my chocolate fantasy

[Verse 2:]
There she goes, again I just keep seein her
Reappearing, now she's at the club
Dancin on the floor, lookin right at me
She know what's up
Knows what she's doin
She knows she's hot
Got people sueing
Cuz she's the kinda gurl that I really want to be down on my team

She got the shakey, shakey, that wobble, wobble
She knows I'm lookin cuz she knows she's hot (slurp)
That gurl to me is my fantasy

Now wait wait, I know she gonna
Be everything that I eva wanted
She's so hot
She's so hot


Yo Yo take me to the bridge

Oh she, is so
I lose control
This gurl she is so special
Gurl put me on (oh yeah)

She's a P.Y.T., a little vivrant thing
The way you swish them hips, baby work that thang
I'm goin all out, let you shop till you fall out
I'm a balla so that means I'll neva foul out
I'm sayin
I know you really wanna roll wit me
Wanna be wit me
Stay the night wit me
You can chill wit me at the movies
Here's my numba baby gurl
Won't you holla at me

[Chorus: 2x]

Omarion, J-Boog, Raz-B, Lil' Fizz
Ha what platmun staus yall

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