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[M and L: T. Eriksson]

In empty words the truth is spoken
Caught in a web of lies the silence is broken
Believing all just take it for granted
Deep down within your mind the seeds they have planted

You live your life but you cannot see, cannot hear, cannot believe
How can I explain to you these thoughts you have to gain
Trying to be free but you are forced to live a life in misery
Now tell me who are we to blame

It's the blind leading the blind
Twisting our minds won't be the ones that are left behind
Through all lies I see our demise
Waiting in lime till I'm blind leading the blind

Break free from your lives as minions
Experience the thrill to have your own thoughts and opinions
Until the day you're liberated
You're a slave to this curse the masters have dictated

To lead or to be lead which path do you tread
The will to rise above must be alive
Choices that we make, promises we break
These are the secrets... of a life

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