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[Music: Juancar '94/95]
[Lyrics: Dave Rotten]

Delightful Dishes Before My Eyes
Every Time A I See A Corpse
The Smell Of Blood Disturb My Mind
I Can't Resist The Juicy Flesh

Internal Fluids Running Down
The Mortified And Rotting Meat
A Gorgeous Mass Of Inert Skin
Bleeding Muscles And Twisted Guts

An Inner Chilling Invades My Being
Almost Sexual The Climax I Can Feel
Necrocannibalistic Vision Of Blood
Perverted Taste, Abnormal Way Of Life

Maggots Feeding
In Ocular Globes
Opened Sores
Smelling Carrion

Rancid Secretions Are My Aroma
Hallucinogenous Odours Of Death
Eyes Rolled Back By An Overdose
Of Pleasant Morbidious Orgasm

Tender Liver
Subtle Morsel
Severed Tongue
Supremous Palate

Cold Limbs - Frigid
Orgasm - Fermenting
Ecstasy For Decayed Chunks

Blood, Healthy Drink
Eyes, Like Sweet Candies
Bile, Precious Sauce

Pus, Cream Of Gods
Bones, Like A Trophy
Guts, Viscous Pleasure

Blood, Healthy Drink
Eyes, Like Sweet Candies
Bile, Precious Sauce

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