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Dark Suburbs Of Misery
Where People Crawls On The Dirt
Territory Of Violent Bunts
And Commerce With Human Beings

I Can Hear The Cry
Of Dying Human Mice
Innocent Preys
Of A Morbid Trade

Killed In The Most Brutal Way
By Surgeons, Trained To Slay
Mutilated, Bung On A Meat Hook
Frozen Limbs To Avoid Decay

I Can Hear The Cry
Of Dying Human Mice
Innocent Preys
Of A Morbid Trade

Disappeared - Shattered Lifes
Body Snatching - Organs For Sale
Occult Business - Dealing With Corpses
Abducting People - Massacring Them

Used In Experimentation
Bloody Useless Vivisections
Scientifical Immolation
Cadavers For Weird Dissections

Assassinated - Horrible Deaths
Eviscerated - Ablated Entrails
Torn To Pieces - Shredded Limbs
Exterminated - No One Cares

Organs Demand
Killing The Poorest
Rich Shall Survive

Selling And Buying
Corporal Parts
Macabre Black Market
Bodily Ransack

Buried Into Massive Graves
A Vast Pile Of Carbonized Remains
Millions Of Crimes Are Being Ignored
Forgotten Corpses Rot Away

I Can Hear The Cry
Of Dying Human Mice
Innocent Preys
Of A Morbid Trade

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