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Digging Up The Bombs
Desecrating To Consume
Voracious Impulse
Necrophagia Is My Curse

Like A Vulture
Robbing The Graves To Get My Food
Rotting Corpses
Satisfy My Hunger Of Carrion

Feast Of Putrid Flesh
Orgy Of Necrophiliac Sex
Deviated Taste
Appetite For Human Wastes

Like A Vulture
Robbing The Graves To Get My Food
Rotting Corpses
Satisfy My Hunger Of Carrion

Socially Repressed Mind
Different To Mankind
I Unleash My Lower Instinct
Eating Stinking Rotten Flesh

Ripping Out Guts With My Own Hands
To Extract Delicious Juices
Hundred Of Grubs Inside The Carcass
Invited To Share My Food

Addicted To Carrion!! <i>[X2]

Addicted To Carrion!! <i>[X2]

Pus Around My Mouth
Bits Of Flesh Among My Teeth
A Young Dead Girl To Fuck
(And My) Happiness Will Be Completed

Like A Vulture
Robbing The Graves To Get My Food
Rotting Corpses
Satisfy My Hunger Of Carrion

Devouring The Tasty Bowels
Gnawing Scrawny Bones
I Don't Need To Buy Or To Kill
Cemeteries Are Full Of Meal!!

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