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Starring with distant eyes into the sky
Thinking were’s my saviour?
Thinking the answer lies above
Ruined, frustration has prevailed
You stand forsaken on the fields of self-sympathy
Empty the light has disappeared

Restrained – dominated with intents so spiteful
Restrained – and thus I dare you to confront your demons

Treasuring the icons of a bleeding Christ so credolous
Silently you cry His name
Keeping purity of mind

Come stand before me, reveal yourself to me
Religious scriptures non-convicing
They seem surreal
Submit to your god, you’re forced down on your knees
To pray forgiveness – Once again you have failed

Instincts betrayed you’re feeling fear
Manipulated for the sake of salvation
You finally should realize you’re deceived

Father, great one above
You’ll be enthroned from your palace in Heaven
The ceasure of The Reign Supreme

Restrained – dominated with intents so spiteful
Restrained – and thus I dare you to confront your demons

Ending of the human race is nearing
As the days go by
Doomsday sealed by sick religions
This will be your final day

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