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Demons on his black steed
Racing through forests night
His heads is nowhere to be found
It's a terryfying sight
Hew scours 'round the countryside
Silver blade in hand
No citizen is safe tonight
He gets what he demands

In sleepy hollow (your head is up for grabs)
In sleepy hollow (fear for your life)
In sleepy hollow (it's you he seeks to find)
In sleepy hollow (beware the night)

When you least expect it
When the horseman strikes
He flies out of the darkness
You sense something's not right
He wields his sword, you hear the steel
He's bearing down on you
You pray to god to spare your life
Then slice, you know you're thru

He's got some heads, now you would think
His nights work was through
Not until the sunrise, will he stop hunting you
His stolen skull must be returned
So he can rest in peace
Until then it seems my friend
You're probably dead meat

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