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1 - Why do you, think I have to depend on you
Who do you think is playing who
You must think that I do need you
So here?s the question tell me
Why you think us ladies can?t pay our dues
Respect the game it?s not up to you
Baby I don?t need you all I need is me

It?s true, I?m digging on you
Let me explain myself to you
I don?t need anything from you
I do for me, that?s how I met you
You saw I had my own jewels
You thought you?d make yourself cool
But you knew I had before you
That?s why I can live without you

I refuse to let you play
Me, cause I own this game
Ladies are you feeling me
Cause I don?t need nothing from you

- 1

Why can?t you let me be
This aint about you baby
Why can?t you see that I?m me
I?m feeling you but it?s up to me
If you can?t get down with me
You played the game
You played one with me
I make the rules so they won?t hurt me
And now you know I will protect me

I?m grown up throw things my way
Don?t need nothing from you
Tell me what you think of me
Cause I don?t need no type of game from you

- 1

If you feeling it come on and let me see your hands
All my girls come on get up now
(repeat x4)

if your feeling me and your digging me
all my girls come on get up now
if your digging me and your feeling me
all my girls come on get up now
(repeat x2)

- 1 (x2)

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