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It is a cool rainy in fall and you feel a cold breeze
Of wind around, there is no one out at this time, it's perfect for the
You hear whispering behind the big wall, you see
Shadows out everywhere in this world, a well-known
Eye is watching you step by step, it is the time of the A.G.D.

There's not chance to run away, neither there is an
escape, they will follow you everywhere, it's tough
but you're caught in their trap
The D.G.D. tries to hide very well, there is fucking no
Chance to find their great agents, suddenly the A.G.D.
Caught Tommy spy, it's a point for the A.G.D.
Who was that person behind the strange bus chief 666
Did now investigate the situation. Mille was caught
With a pretty big stick and for the A.G.D.
that's not a trick

[Pre-chorus/First chorus:]
Artistics great destruction that what the A.G.D.
does stand for real
Alcoholic game dead that what the A.G.D.
stand for real

A real strange person was on the phone, a lot of weird
Stories are being told, but schmier believed that very
Strange guy, 'cause it was A.G.D.'s anti spy
XY07 gave the orders of attacking, the code word was clock.
Section 4 was in danger, section 10 locked
safer, platoon 8 up to the front

[Second chorus:]
A graceful decay that's what the A.G.D. does stand for real
Anti grub devil that's what the A.G.D. does stand for real

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