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Can you hear me, God on-high ?
Hear my prayer, I need you tonight.
Things have turned so - out of hand.
There's so much that I don't understand.

Don't judge me too harshly.
Please, have mercy on me...
in the name of love! The name of love!

Don't want more than is my share.
Have patience on your wayward-son.
I'm just a man.
A long-lost sinner, that's why I'm here.
For all the things I've said and done;
Forgive me if you can.

Hear me! Be near me!
In my hour of need.

Confrontation! In the name of love!
Hear my confession - oh, Lord.

God, can you hear me ?
Won't ya' give me a sign.
I need you near me, need you tonight.

Can you see me are you here ?
Hear my prayer...

In the name of love!
In the name of love!

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