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[Swel Boogie + Q-Unique]
We are the world, you claiming territory
That's our land so fix it
I don't wanna hear the bitching and ah..
Damn holdin back the water flow that'll food up your high plains
High percifitation make me wanna go and cry rain
Your rhymes can't find the track like a fuckin blind train
Unique individual, you can go read it in my name
Lives through out the map, chew out your rap
My crew 'bout to snap
Snap, snap, snap at any given moment I can snap like thumb middle index
I'm shinin ultra violet gamma and zap off all your insects
They buggin, they ain't well-known, don't call me on my cell phone
just to ask me how many heffers did Swel done
No comment, the mo' questions the less answers
And some of you thugs win Awards for..
Best actors win Academy Awards for fantastic fakin
I'm spitting solid, you Hollow Man Kevin Bacon
I'ma quake the earth up, making your zone shake
Diggin up a dead b-boy and watch him as bones break
Like skaters slippin of poles on Real TV
So see me for real CDs and DVDs
Cassettes, vinyl, tailor made to permanent press my thoughts
Like ironing my scalp, ideas of..
All sorts of pretty choch be stressing on my live wire
Across the stage we shock the crowd and spit fire

[Hook: both]
That's right, we 'bout to flaunt
All day and all night
Give you what you want
Got you thinkin that we stinkin
'cause we got the funk
We got it all so (so what you, what you, what you want?)
Th-th-that's right, we 'bout to flaunt
All day and all night
Give you what you want
Got you thinkin that we stinkin
'cause we got the funk
We got it all so (so what you, what you, what you want?)

[Swel Boogie]
See now first off I don't brag I just do what I gotta
So if you ask me I'ma say that I rhyme and yada yada
I got lotta things on my mind to explain the business
So I'ma keep the story short like a book that's read by midgets
Borinkins on the map, 130 pounds, go weight it
'swel it's Borinqieun so let me say it the way I wanna say it
Dirty, ghetto, grimy, runnin wih a bunch of misfits
Self-righteous Spics, yeah we deep and we keep it biscuits
Mean cresant moon on the left to rep the darkness
Ain't nothing clean on the walls, we hit'em with cans and markers
My arches are ready to fire the fire arrows
The battles, you better retire or hide in shadows

All I see is superb female speciments that'll make trouble to get me in
If I was born a woman I'd be a lesbian
Off to Dexters lab to write the Johnny Bravo
Grab my dragon ball-z's make Powerpuff Girls swallow
Smash cats, steam roll to a flat disaster
"Where my dogs at?" Now sit, rollover, obey your master
Y'all bullshit, up in different places
Annoying like the asshole behind the newsreporter makin funny faces
I come from the other side like London city traffic
Make boiler room cash and act as if I'm Ben Affleck
Commercial? Underground?
Get this through your head people;
Commercials plastic, underground is where they put dead people

(Hook 2x)

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