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[Chorus: Swel Boogie + Q-Unique]
Don't worry now just take your time
You have your water, your wife, plus three life lines
Get it right and for sure you'll be proud
And if you need help you can even ask the heads in the crowd
Questions like these can take for weeks
But for 30 seconds you can call one of your peeps
But get it wrong, and you'll lose your cash
So I advise you, split the answer half and half


What up playas and playettes, and studio audience guests?
You tuned into the show that got you thinkin for the dough
One million in cash if the right answer match
You can spend it in the clubs or save it in a stash
Our first contestant:
Worf outta Borath
Who hate half ass niggaz, he spit a lot so build a raft
Contestant number two:
I'm mister Quiles from the Bronx
Where rap first got its props and street kids open barber shops
Our third contestant:
From Bushwick Brooklyn, better known as Crooklyn
Swel Boogie, he'll keep you lookin
Well then, now that we met our three contestants
Sit your stink ass down and get ready for the first question!

Complete the phrase:
If you want to join the crew, you must see me, you can't sound like..
Stan & Paulie?
Shan & Marley?
Abraham & Correy?
Who'll answer it for me?
Is it Shan & Marley?
Good guessing, next question!

Which one of these choices make it harder to walk the block:
Is it A) the liquor shop?
B) dealers lacin the red top?
C) closin the weed spot?
D) the beast with black glocks, that rock knots
claimin they heard shots, makin it more hot?
I'd say: D) the beast, watch ol' flatfoot walk the streets
*whoop whoop, pull over* That's the sound of da police
Is that your final answer?
Yes y'all!
Correct! Now lets pick it up a notch with more dough to collect

What was Rakim before he became what he is today?
Is it A) MC?
B) b-boy?
C) graff head?
or D) DJ?
I think it's: C) graff head, before becomin a microphone fiend
he tagged with jungle green, that's what the magazine said
Now is that your final answer?
Yes y'all!
Correct! Now lets take it up a notch for more loot to collect

Which dress possess the best breast:
Dolly Parton in a cowboy vest?
Tyra Banks in stretch?
Lisa Lisa in sweats?
Or Lil' Kim at the Grammys, showin half of her chest?
What's gonna be your guess, now wait, take a minute to invest
Who needs a minute when we know it's Lisa Lisa
Bonita freaky latina, if you're watchin I wanna meet ya
Is that your final answer?
Yes y'all!
Correct! Now lets take it up a notch wtih some more loot to collect
It seems like these contestants are on the right track
So after these messages we'll be right back!

*Can of Whoop-ass ads*

We'd like to thank our sponsors, without them we wouldn't be here
Now back to our contestants on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE

Which of these would correct for the smell in a project building:
Is it A) dirty diapers?
B) pissin on the wall?
C) beer on the floor?
D) blunt smoke in the hall?
Can I choose all, one out of four is a little tricky to call
But I believe it's: B)
My stair case is like a stall with my moms lockin me out
and I'm drunk pissin in corridors
Now is that your final answer?
Yes y'all!
Correct! Now lets take it up a notch with more loot to collect

Darth Vader is the father of this guy, here's a sample:
Is it Luke Skywalker?
Luke Perry?
Groovy Lou?
or Luther Campbell?
I'll use one of my life lines
This money's for my daughter
Okay, the heads is sayin it's Luke Skywalker
Is that your final answer?
Yes y'all!
Correct! Now lets take it up a notch with more cash to collect

What's the best way to get on:
Is it A) soundin like them?
B) throw money on tables?
C) gettin it in the anal?
or is it D) start up your own label, nurture it from the craddle
Back and forth to sacrifice but be always willin and able?
Life line, quick! What's the answer? The choice is on the table
Who better than do it yourself
I'd say: start your own label
Is that your final answer?
Yes y'all!
Correct! Now lets pick it up a notch with more dough to collect
*beep* That sound indicates that we have ran out of time
So tune in next week when we continue to climb



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