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I decide to write
to my masters on the wall
My life is so empty
And now I will learn how to manipulate human souls

Increase my isolation
To feed my self-creation
Down in the pit, get the beast on a hook
Can I save myself?

Famous for their kills
Stories for my kids
Reply - I win
Good, the path is clean

Now it's time to prove my beliefs
Face to face with killers
Seduction, thats the test
A taste of one's last breath <i>[x2]

Poisoning and suffocation
Mutilation, no control
Violation of existence
But I'm the smartest of them all

Light, what I seek, look at me
Hear my questions, tell me
The smell of death, the feel -
Im longing for the feel <i>[x4]

Take me

Near the time of uncreation
Saved by a prison guard
A little taste of non-existence
But this was not a game for him

Blood in his eyes
The beast inside

This is not over, my search for a window
To another world
Die to find
What's beyond life
Then come back for more

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