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Forgotten call
What shadows lie ahead
Ringing bells
Why am I in tears
Breath of the past
Summon heroes of the tales
That guarded us from dark and fears
Deep inside
We still believe in wonder
But the world around
Turns our hearts to stone
Words of lies
Are bringing us to madness
How long can it go on

People's souls are asleep
Time to survive
There's no time to weep
For what's left behind
We have to be strong
Shake of dirt and lies
Or how could you look
Into your own children's eyes

Mother Russia
I see you bleeding but sleeping - why?
Mother Russia
Has your greatness left behind?
Mother Russia
Your children have confused and lost control
Mother Russia
You have been abused and sold
Mother Russia
Hold on!

Through the dark
Against the changing winds
Despite the fate
Remember who we are
Ringing bells
Bring some hope to me
And I keep the faith in my heart

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