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Crooked politicians promise things
And never see them through
Bleed this country bankrupt
All the while they're bleeding me and you
Thousands here are homeless, starving in the streets, holding out their
It's our responsibility when in need to cater foreign lands

Land of the free, home of the brave
Land of the tax, home of the slave

Freedom comes at a price we all must pay
We can't afford to buy our freedom

For it men fight
For it men die
For that it costs to be free
The more they take control
The less free we become

Election day is judgement day
See the candidate telling two-faced lies, elected he betrays our trust
We fall prey to a wolf in sheep's disguise
Special interests, bureaucrats let their money talk
Practice what they preach
Another crooked candidate wins another vote
Takes another seat

In God we trust with every cent
God can't approve how it is spent

You can't always believe what the journalists report
The media is biased the facts they will distort
The networks and the news
The tabloids and the press
Program and confuse the right turn to the left
A big conspiracy to keep us in the dark

A shot heard 'round the world the sniper hit the mark

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