Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Anthrax Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991) (disc 2)'s lyrics 2005-09-20
Anthrax Alive 2's lyrics 2005-09-20
Anthrax Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991) (disc 1)'s lyrics 2005-09-20
Anthrax Fistful of Metal / Armed and Dangerous's lyrics 2005-02-22
Anthrax The Greater of Two Evils's lyrics 2004-11-29
Anthrax The Greater of Two Evils (bonus disc)'s lyrics 2004-11-29
Anthrax Music of Mass Destruction's lyrics 2004-04-20
Anthrax Music of Mass Destruction DVD (disc 2)'s lyrics 2004-04-20
Anthrax Music of Mass Destruction DVD (disc 1)'s lyrics 2004-04-20
Anthrax Safe Home's lyrics 2004-01-27
Anthrax Volume 8: The Threat Is Real's lyrics 2003-09-23
Anthrax Taking the Music Back's lyrics 2003-08-25
Anthrax Summer 2003 EP's lyrics 2003-00-00
Anthrax The Collection's lyrics 2002-06-09
Anthrax Classic Anthrax: The Universal Masters Collection's lyrics 2002-02-19
Anthrax Sound of White Noise's lyrics 2001-08-28
Anthrax Madhouse: The Very Best of Anthrax's lyrics 2001-06-26
Anthrax Moshers... 1986-1991's lyrics 1999-05-21
Anthrax Inside Out's lyrics 1998-09-26
Anthrax Nothing's lyrics 1996-00-00
Anthrax Nothing (disc 2)'s lyrics 1996-00-00
Anthrax Fueled's lyrics 1995-00-00
Anthrax Live: The Island Years's lyrics 1994-04-05
Anthrax Sound of White Noise (bonus disc)'s lyrics 1993-05-17
Anthrax Only's lyrics 1993-04-23
Anthrax Hy Pro Glo's lyrics 1993-00-00
Anthrax Room for One More's lyrics 1993-00-00
Anthrax Black Lodge's lyrics 1993-00-00
Anthrax Armed & Dangerous's lyrics 1992-00-00
Anthrax Bring the Noise's lyrics 1991-00-00
Anthrax Persistence of Time's lyrics 1990-08-21
Anthrax Got the Time's lyrics 1990-00-00
Anthrax In My World's lyrics 1990-00-00
Anthrax Anti-Social's lyrics 1989-00-00
Anthrax Penikufesin's lyrics 1989-00-00
Anthrax State of Euphoria's lyrics 1988-09-18
Anthrax Make Me Laugh's lyrics 1988-00-00
Anthrax Among the Living's lyrics 1987-03-00
Anthrax I Am the Law's lyrics 1987-00-00
Anthrax Indians's lyrics 1987-00-00
Anthrax Madhouse EP's lyrics 1986-00-00
Anthrax Spreading the Disease's lyrics 1985-10-00
Anthrax Madhouse's lyrics 1985-00-00
Anthrax Fistful of Metal's lyrics 1984-00-00
Anthrax Born Again Idiot's lyrics
Anthrax Live in Hammersmith Odeon's lyrics
Anthrax Fistful of Anthrax's lyrics
Anthrax 2000-02-05: Warfield, San Francisco, CA, USA's lyrics
Anthrax 2003-05-11: Montréal, QC, Canada's lyrics
Anthrax Nothing Australasian Tour EP's lyrics
Anthrax Reunion 2005's lyrics
Anthrax Live in Boston's lyrics
Anthrax Stomp 442's lyrics
Anthrax Bordello of Blood's lyrics
Anthrax Axe the Odeon Down's lyrics
Anthrax 2000-07-05: Salt Lake City, UT, USA's lyrics

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