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Me and you
A better laugh in twenty years from now
It's unprospective and dedication
I would find somebody new

He better be someone special
He better be coming very soon
He better be for real this time
Oh i know it always must with you
Yoooouuu yoooooou

You or no one
I hope i'm wrong before i die of bordan
I want more than
Days and nights when i amuse myself alone

Better be very special
He better be devoted just like you
Better be for real this time
I know it always was with you
Yooouuu with yooouuu, yoooouu, yoooouuu

France for everyone
Not a girl would change your mind
In less than half the summer
So before you fall in love i wonder
When you asked for
Something that i could'nt give you more of
Me and you
I talk as if its now
But nothing is new

She better be very special
She better be more in love than me
If i was your brightest hour
She is now
As far as i can seeeee eeee eeee eeee

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