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Hey I saw your mouth on, another's face
It told me sweet secrets and reminded me of the taste
Of your skin upon my lips
But it's been so long
I reach out but you're not there
I try to hang on but you're not there
It's just a scarecrow of emotion
Heartfelt emotion splattered on my floor
A blackened bloodied pool to drown in
I'm tortured by the lack of you
A screaming silence I'm trying to fight
Living life alone in a tortured midnight
It's just another turn of the screw
Too painfully true
As I become filled with you
My face and skull burst and bloomed
We became the nighttime sky
Flooded with millions of years of starlight
As I am without your touch
My heart falls to my feet
And drags over the ground
With every step I take
It gathers every bit of dirt
Every grain of sand
Every and that can becomes full of the flesh of my soul
This is nothing compared to the absence of you
God kissed me on my mouth
And blessed me with the tempest of you
It's just another turn of the screw
Washing ashore and withdrawing again
I'm the sea I'm a starving cripped dog
Waiting to draw my last hot dusty breath
Without you
It's just another turn of the crew

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