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Featuring Fat Joe & L-Burna

[L-Burna hook: repeat 2X]
Thug love, thug love
All she ever wanted was that thug loooooove
Thug love, thug love
All she ever wanted was that thug, love

[Angie - over end of hook]
Yo, hey yo, uhh
Yo, yo, yo-yo, uhh
Aiyyo I met him at a club, spendin dubs, Mr. Superthug
Pulled up with a group of trucks, everybody knew who he was
I ain't playin the boy was cute, and I'm sayin
we only danced one song but the whole night I was swayin
Mesmorized by his style, could tell he was wild
but he had a touch of class and a million buck smile
Got a thing for a thug and he fit the profile
Thug love, think I'm buggin brother let me know now

[Fat Joe - overlapping Angie]
Yo.. yeah, uhh
Yo, yo..
What's his name, what's the color of his Range, what's his game?
Was he kickin it like he love his train, full of octane?
Stop playin, know you ain't fall for that
(Yo he's pagin me) Ang' don't even think of callin back
Man I know those cats, him and his click be flowin crack
Up in Prominax(?), stickin them kids, by the laundromat
Pumpin that two-for-five, the rules imply
fuckin with them dudes that's trife, you lose your life

[F] It's a thug love
[A] Searchin for love in the wrong places
[F] A thug love
[A] Lovin them rough with pretty faces
[F] Even though he ain't right for you
[A] Joe I like this dude, I need advice from you
[F] It's a thug love
[A] Searchin for love in the wrong places
[F] A thug love
[A] Lovin them rough with pretty faces
[F] Even though he ain't right for you
[A] Yo yo, uhh, uhh, yo

[hook] - overlaps {*Interlude*} but comes in on line three

I just can't explain why women are attracted to danger
A thug and a player look the same in linen but one's packin a banger
I guess it's the anger that be in they eyes
mixed together with a pinch of they sensual side that gets me energized
Fly and confidant, respected and highly dominant
Got me on the rise every time he draw in me with compliments
Joey I'm fallin for a thug, should I sacrifice
or let it go brother you never gave me bad advice

[Fat Joe]
It's only right that I let you know which route to go
No doubt fo' sho', once he hits it, he's out the do'
Know I seem like a cock-blocker, but he's not proper
Besides you're my little sis, I gotta watch ya
Gotta stop you from dealin with snakes
You're sealin your fate let alone I feel it's your wake
Eliminate all the wrongs in your life
Don't you fall for them guys, like Pun says, it's all in the eyes

{*Interlude*} + [hook]

[Fat Joe]
I only speak on what I know, he cheats, he gotta go
You think he ain't gon' creep (not at all)
That's a damn shame, I see you fallin for this man's game
The truth is even if he want it man he can't change
That's the life of a player livin lies like the mayor
Hittin them thighs, be wise and beware
But don't be surprised, one day you'll find a decent guy
Someone that cares and provides a piece of mind

I know you right, but I'm torn inside
I got a jones for a boy that was born to ride
Bonified ..sort of guy..leave my momma mortified
It's no surprise, it happens all the time
Got me stressin and I'm comin back for me
Got me, checkin my messages expectin him to call
I need to, let it go need to stay focused
But can't, forget him yo so I remain hopeless

{*Interlude*} + [hook]

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