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Featuring Q-Tip

[Chorus: Q-Tip]
Girl, you gotta move dem thangz, dem thangz
I wanna see you move dem thangz, dem thangz
In the hood dawg, you know they move dem thangz, dem thangz
Cause ain't a damn thing changed man, they move dem thangz
(yeah, it's my thang)
[A] Yeah, I know how to move it.. (yeah, it's my thang)
[Q] I know how to do it.. (yeah, it's my thang)
[A] I know how to move it man.. (yeah, it's my thang)
[Q] And I know how to do it

[Angie Martinez]
Yo, whoo!
Step up in the club like "Who up in here?"
Linda Carter with the world premier, watch out now!
Shit ain't clear, cause Hova got me open on the Belvedere
Yeah, settin it real good feelin proper
Checkin out the nigga with the Gucci parka, like
Uh-huh, okay, whassup?
It's a luv-a-dub, and it's your world
I'm a choosy girl
but we can dance to the dawn like Lucy Pearl
Cause you got that thang thang
And we can do big thangz, but go, easy
Like I told you before, cause I don't wanna hurt you pah.. huh
And the name is Angela
And ain't too many niggaz that can handle her, it's true


[Angie Martinez]
Uhh, since the start of it all
Standin alone, claimin my own, y'know?
Little that, little this
Cop a couple pieces to cover my little wrists
Prayin while they hopin they sayin my shit'll miss
Man listen, it's, my, thang I'm, well connected
Pull dem strings and I'm, not new
On the block for a minute
And I, won't stop 'til I get it, get it
Comin widdit like the Punisher
Gettin all up in your stomach uhh.. huh, my bad
Gettin focused now
Lot of niggaz in the club wanna poke us now
But, back it up baby nice and slow
Cause I roll with a whole lot of G.I. Joe's
In the cut camoflauged with they eyes on me
while I, move, my thang, c'mon


[Angie Martinez]
Yo.. I, come through - doin what I do
Niggaz buggin out like, "Who the fuck knew?"
Same chick from the radio dial
Same one from the summer jam, gettin 'em wild
But now my niggaz it's a new day
BK always like Biggie doin "Jui-cy"
Iced out like David Blaine
What's it all about baby IT'S, MY, THANG

[A] Yeah, I know how to move it.. (yeah, it's my thang)
[Q] I know how to do it.. (yeah, it's my thang)
[A] I know how to move it man.. (yeah, it's my thang)
[Q] And I know how to do it (yeah, it's my thang)


[A] Yeah, I know how to move it..
[Q] I know how to do it..
[A] I know how to move it man..

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