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Is this called discontent? Like the meaning behind the father's proud and
angry stroll into the church with the mother s
traggling behind with the child, they both smiled. When they reached for
the door they were happy again. Grim faces mope about (they ask), "How
shall we live today?" They walk back-first through the crowds in rooms,
looking only for a faster way to advance and pay, throw the deadliest
smiles, such things that will never suffice. Their spirits cry, "All I want
to hear is that I'm ok. But the light burns me." To these people I owe my
greatest apologies, for I have been made aware of their needs but I'm
afraid that I might share His disgrace. In these thoughts the truth is
stripped away. Peeled and peeled away.But because of His great love, we are
not consumed. His compassions never fail. His mercies are new every
morning. Great is Your faithfulness Lord unto me (Leviticus 3:22-23).

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