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[based on "A Cloud of Smoke" by an unknown author]

In the haze of darkness
I remember it like yesterday
Someone I once used to be
And then it fades away
I feel it around the corner
A thought I never had
I see it in the mirror
And the reflections make me sad

It's a smoke like no other
A scent I can not smell
A story I vaguely remember
With words I can not tell

And then like the morning
When I find myself awake
A dream that has faded gone
Was it my mistake?

But like the ripple of the waves
It fades away like mist
And so I keep on searching
For what I just might be

Looking under every rock
Until I finally will see

And in the darkness there is light
The truth becomes all clear
The words of wisdom answer me
What I seek is near

In a cave I find it
Dusty, dark, and old
The memories returning
My story can be told

Reality is fleeting
My loved ones fade away
But of that which I have seen
The memories will stay

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