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Emily's under blankets
Tucked in by paramedics
A lullaby of sirens flood this town
And I've got a bad idea where envy drinks till my eyes get heavy
My alibi just seems so watered down
And I hear the voice of your mother screaming,
"Run for cover!"
He will feed the flame
And I see her in the arms of another
Did you, did you ever curse my name?
That isn't enough murder my arms are now reaching for your neck
Dearest, I'm falling in love
Emily's so attractive
A white dress in her black casket
A color scheme that surely haunts me now
And I've got a new idea
Excuse me sink in this ocean help
I'm telling lies as I begin to drown
Downfall from grace
Forgive me this is my fault and I'm sorry
Forgive me for leaving you this way
My valentine in chalked outline, you're finally mine
Don't make a sound
Sleep undeground

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