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A bar top divided
with a stare at long eyes to hear ears
hung on, a question that it might not work
last call, somewhere
should i go home or stay here
hold me up dear a toast
to the one who poured out my regrets
a call to air, I'll intake one last
I'll follow you home
Don't hold me up if your arms are breaking
I can't tell you enough
It's discouraging when you say
Please hear me out with a curse to accent
The sentences you make
The sentences that make me ask
A silence recited as my voice just distorts in her ears
Rung out
Obsessive that she might solve all her problems
Should I hold on to my fears
Hear me out dear
A toast
Everything you ever wanted died in the bottom of a bottle
You will never stomach
but you will never throw it up
A version of a virgin purified by a bleeding heart you ruined my life
And it's neverending
This air spoiled by the times when you were here
And I feel like trying a new design where your heart is put in a case
And I find that the beating just breaks down the walls
Hold me up dear
Should I go home or stay here
Hold me up dear
Should I hold on to my fears

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