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Every time I go downtown I think I might find you around.
I take your picture just in case, anybody's seen-
A girl who's had her better days, just like the last place that you stayed,
Where I can see you tipping back the curtains, looking for me.

You say. “Baby do you have to go away
Just before the deal gets real sweet,
Just before my trouble finally pays off,
Can you cover for me?”

I see you coming down the hill.
You smile at me like I'm a worn out thrill,
As if I have some endless well of dignity.
You cut yourself like a high school kid-
I did it once, everybody did,
Just to feel the emptying of everything.

Just to watch it all go away,
Every time the deal gets real sweet,
Every time our trouble finally paid off.
We said, “Cover for me, cover for me.”

It's 2 years of depravity for every year of recovery,
And you'll lose eventually, if that's what you need.
Of all the friends that make me sad,
You're the one I just can't have-
All the numbers that you left me,
They just ring and ring.

I said, “Baby do you have to go away,
Just before the deal gets real sweet,
Just before my trouble finally pays off,
Can't you cover for me, like I covered for you,

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