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Those final words of certainty are graven in my mind
Reality is closing in as I realize the pain forever

A moment of despair, the guilt is everywhere
Silent screams of illusional minds find a way to infest mine

You were total life for me
Drowning myself in blackened oceans
How could you have chosen for this
Suffer as you realize

Awaken! Awaken from a thousand years of slumber
Open my eyes, the truth uncovers from a veil of darkness
Those final words of certainty are graven in my mind
Reality is closing in as i realize the pain forever

Graven worlds are gone by the dead embrace of god
The times i watched you cry buried deep in blasphemy
The gates of a lovelorn eden is a dream that feasts inside my mind
Take me to a place where the dead conceil all thoughts

Throwing everything into an empty grave
Now all awaits is a feeling of remorse
Take my life as you walk away
The time has come to accept it as it is

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