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The signs of the times. War machines spring to life, and we sit and wonder
why? When we bought into all their lies. Allowed our leaders to steal our
rights. Followed like dogs - without a fight. Fear - it rules our minds.
Leaders profit, we face demise. A freedom of choice we once had. Gone
forever, we all are damned. Those in power, they fuel the hate. Profit from
our fall from grace. The final war, it is now at hand. Blood for profit, we
shall be damned. In the name of God. Freedom cannot be achieved, when it's
used for greed and lies. Leaders embrace power and condemn us all to our
demise. We are condemned. Condemned to fall, as our leaders gain. We all
shall suffer as pawns. Pawns in political games. Peace in the world. This
idea won't turn a dime. Profit by killing. Our worlds most legal crime.

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