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This is our attempt to raise the tower of Babel!

The sigil of Amon seals this covenant
Six different bodies form the unity of one
Blood is replaced by venom, skin by scales
Morbidity reaches measures unreal... Insane

Antagonists of the surrounding subhumanity
Breaking the dove's neck to manifest our intentions
We desire... to demoralize the sanctity of life
We climb higher... to tresspass against Jahve's light

Open wide are the lunar eyes
Saturn is on the rise
The acausal streams into the causal
At the brink of supremacy we look at thee and laugh
The most sinister energies besiege the kin of man

Tired steps lead to the lunatic's arena
A Circus Maximus of our own
Where the lions shall never starve

We invert the crucifix to skullfuck god with it
Fist of annihilation out of control
Spiritual, nonetheless effective
Re-writing time with pandemonium's quill
At one with Lucifer's pride, we made our kill

The igneous serpents slither
With their pulses synchronized
Death may be gaining on us as well
But we are not the crippled
Tired steps lead to the lunatic's arena
A Circus Maximus of our own
Where the lions shall never starve

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