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(with Sarah Brightman, Anthony Stewart Head)

Hi, nathan.

Mag...? how did you get in here?
Dont you have a show tonight?

How are you, nathan?


You never were a man of many words, nate.
You told me shilo died.


Nathan, I promised your late wife

Id be present in shilo?s life.


Mag, shilo is very ill.
Its not safe for her to see people.
I need to give her her medication.

Dad, let her stay in here.

No, shes leaving.

Please, hide her here.

From what?

Shell be dead!

Look, I told you she was sick.

Nathan, you are hurting me--


My daughter needs her rest.

Ill be fine, shilo.
Dont you fret.

Repossessions are dangerous--!

Shilo, go to bed.

Youre not safe!
Dad, shes not safe--!

Shilo, dont you fret.

Shilo, go to bed!


Nathan, what has
Become of you?
Youve turned this
House into a tomb.
Marni wouldnt want
This for her!

Mag, I told you that
She is sick.
Youve upset her.
I cant have this.
Im not going to ask

Set her free!
Set her free!

Mag, dont leave!
Please, dont leave!

Leave our house!
Leave my house!

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