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In those days
I had no reason for grieves and tears
All the actions I took
Was just for me and my self
Loving was only for fun
Well, now those days are gone
I’m in the oaten of my years
And I fill such a foiled
When I’m a lonely in my bed
And I wake up with mares and wait
Come to me (come to me)
Lie down next to me
Keep me complete
You were the song in my heart

Come on and take my hand
We’re off to wonderland
I hear a symphony
Each time your here with me
As what my life could be
Come on and take my hand
We’re off to wonderland

Oh way back then
I used to change the rainbows end
But my paradise foundered and
Paradise lost
There’s always a prise to be pay
Well, now those days are gone
And when I look back at my life
Of the pictures of learn
Of those nice fill like one
And the parties were really that fun
Come to me
Lie down next to me
Keep me complete
You were the song in my heart


Oh I used crave attention
From every stranger in the night
I used to fill the morning
The early morning night (night)
But when the ecstasy subsided
And the good times went to way
You found me there
So stay with me
And you’ll be company

Come on and..

Come on and take my hand
We’re off to wonderland
There is a place for us
There is a hope for us
Life could be
Take my hand
We’re off to wonderland

Making love were just for fun
Now those days are really gone
I’m in the oaten of my life
When I wake up I’m alone in my bed
( X 3 )

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