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Nothing lasts forever.
Entropy lurks like a wolf in the pasture.
We cover his tracks with a coating of white wash.
But a new day reveals the imminence of our demise.

Do you worship the god of industrial beauty?
Do you tremble in fear at the truth?
Look in the mirror. Do you see wrinkles there?
Time is the hunter and it sees through your mask.

All flesh is like the grass and it’s beauty like a flower
We live, we die and like dust our bones are scattered
The face you see in the morning betrays you..
And once again the illusion of permanence is shattered.

Consider all who’ve gone before.
Do you think you can avoid your demise?
In a moment, in a moment,
In the blink of your eye, this will all be over!

You want to live forever.
But you insist the solution be on your terms.
You can have a heavenly body
but the choice that you make is the choice that will save or condemn you.

Look to the First and the Last for the answer
See in His eyes and see eternity.
Follow His lead you will never see darkness.
Give Him your love and receive eternal life.


All it takes is your desire to fly away from what awaits you here
Take His hand.
Call His name.
Tomorrow may never arrive.
Surrender before it’s over!


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