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[Narrator: Michael Kiske]
[Backing vox: Robert Hunecke- Rizzo]
[Ainae Angel: Nicholas Westerman]

Years went by and Angels sighed
Young girls laughed and old men died
Lovers loved and people tried
To live amongst the shadows

Sunlight chased away the waste
But couldn't take away the taste
Of all that, taken in the haste
Of hatred's bite and swallows

But love will bloom even in gloom
And serendipity visits soon
Two fated souls bound for doom
Whose time is all but borrowed:

Then the Sun came to the one
Who'd make him come all but undone
If not for her, He might have won
But lost in all that mattered

She cast his soul in liquid gold
But those who know would have it told
She, too, was touched by his soul
And hand in hand they wandered


[Angelic Ainae Choir:]
Shaena lithou tou risewr
Parotin lalae amer
Syrius oudeti ere
Kin Oriana vaetou

(All that's forbidden
becomes a love song
Syrius about to fall
And Oriana waits)

The made love and all was said
Forever they would share a bed
But little did they know that dread
Was creeping up behind them

Days grow long and silence spawns
The eagerness to right all wrongs
And even though the darkness dawns
Brighter days will follow


[Ainae Angel:]
Jewriaen amer
Yaetaen nouwr d'it amer

(Feel the love
Hold fast to the love)

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