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[Narrator: Michael Kiske]

Blessed land, the shining star
Once again in light you are
Broken lives are mended
Though minds never forget their scars

[Angelic Ainae Choir:]
Aindahaj, etinae shalae outhaed infinisme
Aindahaj, yathe jebri swrutaen caore shawrtoumisme

(Aina, your infinite beauty restored
Aina, perhaps this time it will remain always)

Blessed land, your Queen's returned
The fires purging Naschtok burn
Broken hearts are tended
Though lonely lovers will always yearn

[Angelic Ainae Choir:]
Detha ritou jaeneb Ainaen
Esswr xoujaen hemaldath
Lem shawretou d'elaewr enon
Valaewrth ritanwr lordath

(Light shines again
in the House of Ainaen
Forever is a long time
Better to be cautious)

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