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[Oriana's conscience: Amanda Somerville]

Tonou yeawr din fielor.
Yearw refethou tourw naervol aerl sessopwr
Leafir aerthoutun edb,
Jewraen haen Syrius thnoudeti ere,
Shyarth duroul asronyth d'emteld
Etin teldan aemocryth swrulaj?
Laet, d'iri ismythou traeln tin lalae
Lem nor, henosh rennwr evolaesh
Soltnae jewri lemnoshae amer:

(Everything is so perfect
perfect, yet so completely strange at the same time
I've never met you, the name Syrius says nothing to me
And yet I feel I've known you forever
Does this have a greater meaning?
Yes, it seems you and I have a long
And beautiful song ahead of us
But no, I have no fear because I feel the love in you)

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