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It was when I realized
that life has no meaning
no purpose, no quarry
...no answeres...

And all the dreary night
that had befallen across
the land
I slipped into a revery
a web of human hand

You longed to soar up high
to caress the silky winds
to embrace and kiss as lovers
...the ether...

but fate with cursed hand
has struck wretch apon your head
this wretch has been the day
you were born (human)

I live my life alone
and all it's misery
until the day I turn to stone
I shall die alone
among the wilderness

It was when I realized
apon my waking eyes
no nightmare of mankind
can harm me...

I live my life alone
among the wilderness
until the day i turn to stone
Life is but a dream
among the wilderness

...I spread my golden wings
set sail my weightless form
and soar into the cosmos

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